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"His deep fascination with the universe has fueled his travels all over the galaxy and in pursuit of knowledge and new experiences."

Amundsen Barrett[2] [3] is an adventurer, scientist, and explorer. He has been a member of Constellation since 2305. Barret is one of the 4 Marriage Candidates in Starfield.


Barrett had a husband named Ervin, who passed away 20 years before the events of the game.

Barrett first interacted with an Artifact on Ka'zaal.

Barrett's first name is "Amundsen." He says that the only one who ever uses this name is Vasco. He expresses some surprise when his parallel self chooses to go by this name.[3]

Related Quests[]


He has the following skills:[4]

Skill Star Level Stars
Starship Engineering 4 ✦✦✦✦
Particle Beam Weapon Systems 3 ✦✦✦
Robotics 2 ✦✦
Gastronomy 1

Player Interactions[]

He likes jokes, helping others, science, and philanthropy.
He dislikes pushing sensitive topics, murder, Intimidation, and cheating.

As with all Constellation companions, Barrett will occasionally present the player with an item. In his case, it is a random food item.



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