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The Crimson Fleet is a faction in Starfield. Its headquarters is The Key, a former United Colonies star station located in the Kryx system.


"Anyone displaying that symbol is assumed to be associated with the Crimson Fleet, and can be terminated at will." ― UC Fleet Admiral Pascual Logan[1]

The Crimson Fleet is not a single organized entity, but a loose confederation of individual pirate captains, all organized under the same banner. For years, the Crimson Fleet was considered a localized criminal problem for the Freestar Collective, but in 2330 the pirates expanded far beyond the Kryx system and established new footholds in Sagan, Cheyenne, Lunara, and Narion. This caused the United Colonies to officially recognize the Crimson Fleet as a growing threat and commit to eliminating it.[1] Members of the Crimson Fleet can be identified by their use of the jolly roger, which was adopted as its emblem.[2][1] It is also said that members can never leave once they have joined, and death is the only way out,[3] but pirate captains who managed to amass enough wealth over their careers can buy their way into retirement.

Over a century ago, the UC had built a super-maximum security prison, The Lock, on the surface of the planet Suvorov in what is today known as the Kryx system, and a star station called The Key above it. In 2241, a prisoner named Jasper Kryx instigated a riot in The Lock, and he and a number of other prisoners managed to break out, seize some ships, and capture The Key. The prisoners began using The Key as a base of operations for pirate raids on UC shipping lanes, and the Crimson Fleet was born. When Jasper died, he left behind a hidden treasure that became known as "Kryx's Legacy". Later generations of the Crimson Fleet have taken to hunting for this major score, but none have found it yet.




Named members[]

Unnamed members[]

  • Crimson Fleet Captain
  • Crimson Fleet Crew
  • Crimson Fleet Marauder
  • Crimson Fleet Pilot
  • Crimson Fleet Reaver
  • Matsura's Bodyguard
  • Pirate Brigand
  • Pirate Corsair
  • Pirate Rover


There are a number of missions involving the Crimson Fleet. These can be done either working for the Crimson Fleet or undercover for the UC SysDef.

Main Missions[]

  1. Deep Cover
  2. Rook Meets King
  3. Burden of Proof
  4. Echoes of the Past
  5. Breaking the Bank
  6. The Best There Is
  7. Absolute Power
  8. Eye of the Storm
  9. Legacy's End