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New Atlantis is the capital city of the United Colonies, located on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.[1]


New Atlantis was founded on the planet Jemison in 2156,[2] the same year that humans first arrived in the Alpha Centauri system and confirmed that Jemison was a habitable world and suitable for colonization. The original colony was constructed underground on the edge of a plateau, beneath where the first colony ship, the Galileo, made landfall. The site was chosen to take advantage of a natural waterfall to generate hydroelectric power, and in later years, this district would become known as The Well. In 2160, Jemison was determined to be safe enough, and the colony's need for expansion to house evacuees from Earth pressing enough, that construction of residential and commercial structures on the planet's surface was approved and got underway. The United Colonies designated New Atlantis as its capital in 2161.[3][4]

In 2330, New Atlantis is the largest and most populous colony in the Settled Systems. The MAST Building, headquarters of the UC government, dominates the skyline, and is flanked by the skyscrapers of the Residential and Commercial districts. The central MAST District includes the MAST Building, embassies of the Freestar Collective and House Va'ruun, a sprawling park, and The Lodge, which is the headquarters of the private exploration group Constellation. The Spaceport sits below the city proper at the foot of the cliffs, and is connected to it by the New Atlantis Transit network.[5][6]


MAST District[]

Commercial District[]

Residential District[]

The Well[]







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