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The Mantis is a vigilante bounty hunter, believed by many to be an urban legend. The Spacefarer can acquire the Mantis' gear by following the note entitled Secret Outpost!, found on dead Spacers.


The history of the Mantis is shrouded with secrecy. Upon finding the Mantis's secret outpost in the Denebola system, it's discovered that the Mantis is a title passed down to those who're trusted whoever held the title.

The Razorleaf[]

The Mantis' Starship, known as the Razorleaf, is found within her secret outpost.

Category Part Quantity
Engine Ares DT60 Engine 2
White Dwarf 1000 Engine 2
Shield Bastille S81 Shield Generator 1
Reactor Tokamak X-100 Reactor 1
Docker 110DP Slim Docker - Bottom 1
Grav Drive R-1000 Alpha Grav Drive 1
Fuel Tanks 400G He3 Tank 1
Weapons Flare 15MW IR Laser 2
Disruptor 3300A Auto Electron Beam 2
CE-09 Missile Launcher 1
Cockpit DS20.2 Phobos Cockpit 1
Landing Bay Ship Bed 200 Landing Bay 1
Gear 220 CB Landing Gear 2 (1 port, 1 stbd)
Pinpoint 3G Landing Gear - Fore 2 (1 port, 1 stbd)
Cargo 100CM Ballast Shielded Cargo 1
Habs Deimos Captain's Quarters 2x1 1
Deimos Armory 2x1 1
Structural Horizon Weapon Mount 2
Deimos Cowling - Fore 1
Strout Engine Bracer A 2

Mantis Equipment[]

The Spacefarer can find a full set of legendary equipment originally belonging to the mantis within the outpost, including a Spacesuit, Pack, and Space Helmet